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Managing Diversity
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Study Guide | Getting Started,
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Getting Started has been designed to provide you with the information you need to help you get the most from the study programme. Please ensure you read this section carefully to familiarise yourself with the following:
  Programme structure
  Submitting assignments
  Method of assessment
  On-hand support
  Our Policies
What is the Programme Structure?
Learning methods
The interactive and practical methods utilised throughout the programme of study enable participants to assess their knowledge, skills and competence in relation to diversity management, difference and inclusiveness. During the programme a range of learning methods will be incorporated including group discussions, presentations, workbooks, assignments, seminars, workshops and guest speakers.

The main focus of the programme is distance learning, with participants being required to converse and share their views within a number of workshops and utilising the communication tools provided.

The programme consists of the following elements and features:
  Learning Notes.
  Workshops/Online Discussion
  What Support is Available?
  Diversity Journal
  Ongoing Evaluation
During the induction you will be given advice and guidance about the structure of the programme, progression paths, study skills and meet some of the people you will be studying with. There will opportunities for questions and answers and to raise any concerns that you may have.
Learning Notes
There are learning notes for each of the five units. Each unit comprises of a combination of information, activities and assignments.
In each unit you will find the following:
  Description of the unit.
  Outcomes and assessment requirements.
  Discussion of concepts, activities and self-assessment questions that will help you check your understanding prior to implementing it within the work place.
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