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The mentoring initiative was established to provide additional support to learners on the Managing Diversity course. Each learner will be paired up with a mentor. We see this as a way for more experienced practitioners to be able to share good practises and models of diversity with learners.
Who Could Be a Mentor?
A mentor is someone who has wide experience in developing and embedding Equal Opportunities or diversity practises in the workplace or who has previously been on our Managing Diversity programme.
What Would a Mentor Be Expected to Do?
  Develop a voluntary one-to-one online relationship with a learner.
  Have access to Internet and email.
  Have some degree of experience and interest in the field of diversity that could benefit the learner.
  Occasionally participate in web-based forums and discussion groups within the private learning area.
  Focus on support, guidance, mutual exchange, sharing of wisdom, coaching, and role modelling.
How to Apply for a Mentoring Position
If you are interested in applying to become a mentor, please contact for an information pack.
Mentor Programme |



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